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       Private Archives
The files of Viktor Frankl date back to 1923. They contain a wealth of miscellaneous material such as manuscripts, letters, newspaper clippings, photos, and media.

The Archives are owned by the family of Viktor Frankl.

Written documents: Catalog and data base

The written files are in the process of being catalogued. To date about two thirds of the items have been screened and entered into a data base.

The original items in the archives cannot be accessed. Copies of individual items may be obtained under certain circumstances. In particular, the request should be motivated by a specific scientific project.

Requests should be sent by email to
Franz Vesely. They must be accompanied by a clear statement of the intention of the research, including the name of the academic body and of the project leader.
Media Archives

The private files contain films, video and audio recordings from five decades. The material was transferred to digital media, and the distribution of selected recordings was outsourced two a German and a U.S. media publisher, respectively. Some videoclips may be accessed online.


The maintenance and distribution of portraits of Dr. Frankl have been outsourced to the photo agency Imagno. Without exception, the right to use a portrait or photo must be obtained by this company. Copyright of all materials is held by the Viktor Frankl Estate. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution is strictly prohibited.