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       Awards 2007
rathaus wien  
The Board of the Viktor Frankl Foundation of the City of Vienna for the Advancement of Meaning-Oriented Humanistic Psychotherapy has convened on November 28, 2007 to confer the prizes and scholarships 2007.

The following persons and institutions were awarded prizes or grants.
in appreciation of his life work:

Óscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, Honduras
for distinguished work in relation to Meaning-Oriented Humanistic Psychotherapy:

Eugene T. Gendlin, New York
for distinguished work in relation to Meaning-Oriented Humanistic Psychotherapy

Harald Mori, Wien

Péter Sárkány, Budapest
Dr. Rachel Asagba   [Nigeria]
for her research project on youth problems in Nigeria.

Daniel C. Crosby   [Orem, USA]
for his project "The Efficacy of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis in Working with Multicultural Clients: A Theoretical Examination."

Dr. Theresia Maria Leitner-Schweighofer   [Vienna]
Publication support for her dissertation Frankls moralischer Imperativ.

Sergei Pankov   [Moscow]
for his project of translating V.E. Frankl, Das Leiden am sinnlosen Leben.

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