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Katsutaro Nagata


Katsutaro Nagata, M.D. & Ph.D.,

born June 29, 1948 in Uchibamacho, Japan, is WHO professor, psychosomatic medicine and psychopharmacology and Assistant Professor of the Health Administration Center and Director of Psychosomatic Medicine, Hamamatsu University.

Dr. Nagata received his M.D. in 1977 and his Ph.D. in 1986. Some of his professional assignments are: He is author or co-author of 172 books and 254 journal articles, and has contributed a total of 512 presentations at Medical Conferences. He is editor of several scientific periodicals, for example The latest of many conferences presided by K. Nagata was the 12th Japanese Society of Existential Therapy (attached to "2006 International Congress of Psychotherapy in Japan and The Third International Conference of the Asian Federation for Psychotherapy", 2006.

In appreciation of his work Dr. Nagata received the "Medicus Hippocraticus Award" at the First International Medical Olympiad, 1996, and the Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal 2002. Also, he was appointed Honorary Member of Polish Academy of Medicine (Warshaw 1994) and Honorary Counselor of International Institute of Universalistic Medicine (Warshaw 1995).

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