The Institute

The Viktor Frankl Institute was founded in Vienna in 1992 by an international circle of colleagues and friends. It is a scientific society with the goal of maintaining and fostering the life work of Viktor Frankl and to provide access to authentic information about Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

The Institute offers the first state-accredited doctoral degree program for Logotherapy, in the framework of the Viktor Frankl Chair of Philosophy and Psychology at the International Academy of Philosophy (University of the Principality of Liechtenstein). Also, a Master program and psychotherapy training in logotherapy is offered in collaboration with the Department for Logotherapy, founded 2012, at the Graduate Institute of Psychoanalysis in Moscow. The Institute has exclusive access to VIKTOR FRANKL ARCHIVES and the world's largest collection of texts and research on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. In collaboration with City of Vienna's VIKTOR FRANKL FUND the Institute grants scholarships and awards prizes for work in the field of meaning-oriented humanistic psychotherapy.

The Institute has the following agenda:

  1. Documentation

    • Cataloguing the private and scientific archives of Viktor Frankl, including documents from the period 1925-1997
    • Digitization of historical audio and video recordings.
    • Complete listing of Frankl's writings
    • Documentation of the international history of Logotherapy (1925-present)
    • The Viktor Frankl Archives are Member of the UNESCO Archives Portal (Paris)


  2. Science Department

    • Academic support for theses and dissertations and external research projects / collaborations
    • Award of research grants (Viktor Frankl Foundation of the City of Vienna for the promotion of meaning-oriented humanistic psychotherapy)
    • Comprehensive bibliography on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis
    • Library and Consortium "European history of existential psychology" at the campus of the International Academy of Philosophy, Bendern, Liechtenstein
    • "Existential Cognition Research Group" at the Department of Cognitive Science, University of Vienna


  3. University Research and Education

    • Viktor Frankl Chair of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of the IAP, Bendern, the Principality of Liechtenstein (Doctoral Program)
    • Head, Department for Logotherapy at the Graduate Institute of Psychoanalysis, Moscow (Master's and Doctoral program)
    • Cooperation with research groups at the Universities of Yale, Milan, Oxford, Vienna, Budapest, Moscow, and many more


  4. Lectures and Training

    • Biennial International Congress on the Future of Logotherapy
    • Lectures and seminars at international conferences and congresses
    • Organization of training and technical seminars in cooperation with universities and colleges


  5. Publications

    • Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. Proceedings of the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna: Annual Report of the International Association for Logotherapy, Springer NY
    • Publication of the 14-volume critical edition of the COLLECTED WORKS of Viktor Frankl
    • Publication of collections of texts on the theory and practice of Logotherapy
    • Scientific handbook series of Viktor Frankl Chair, Bendern


  6. Accreditation and Membership

    • International ACCREDITATION / CERTIFICATION of institutions and individual logotherapists in different professional fields (doctors, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists, counselors, coaches)
    • International Association for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Members section of the Viktor Frankl Institute)