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From: MakotoE-Mail: s-makoto@star.ocn.ne.jp Date: 5/19/18, 2:25 PM
Ich bin japanischer Leser der Bücher von Frankl, und ich habe von den bisher sehr ermutigt werden. Beihnahe alle japaniche Übersetzungen von seiner Bücher habe ich gelesen, aber trotzdem habe ich viele interpretative Plobleme, die ich auflösen möchte, besonders im Aspekt der Religionsphilosophie.
Außerdem habe ich Lust, etwas mehr Praktisches für Erfüllung des Sinnes des Lebens zu machen, ob es starke Beziehung mit seiner Philosophie habt oder nicht.
Ich möchte Existenzanalzse oder Logotherapie mehr lernen. Ich will von mir selbst aus versuchen, aber ich freue mich sehr wenn jemand weitere Information gibt oder mir hilft.

I am a Japanese reader of Frankl’s books and I have been encouraged by them a lot. I have read almost all the Japanese translations of the books written by Frankl, but I have many interpretative problems I want to solve yet, especially the problems of Frankl’s thought in aspect of religious philosophy.
Besides I want to do something more practical to fulfill my meaning of life, either it has direct concern with the thought or not.
I want to learn more about Frankl’s thought. I want to try more by myself, but I would be glad if anyone give me more information or help me.  
From: DUBRAVKAE-Mail: dubravka.simunovic@zvu.hr Date: 10/25/17, 12:01 AM
Tnx for nice information about Logotherapy  
From: dermot p kinahanE-Mail: dermotkinahan@yahoo.ie Date: 5/4/16, 7:59 PM
I like your work!

Dermot P Kinahan

From: Sylvia GardE-Mail: sylvia_gard@yahoo.ca Date: 4/11/16, 3:03 AM
Today, CBC Canadian broadcasting Corporation aired an one-hour documentary on Victor Frankl. A program that touched on his life, the impact his writing had for a number of some hi-profile and some not individuals, spoken words of his biographer, Haddon Klineberg, and of course Elly. I first learned of Victor Frankl in the early nineties. His writing has continued to be a reminder on what is the most important. I feel, personally, that I am being called along a path, which will rely heavily on Victor Frankl's message. Indeed, the suffering that is so widespread in the world, could benefit from connecting with meaning. Deep gratitude for his and Elly's sharing, for all those who keep the meaningful life alive.  
From: Kayla HollisE-Mail: khollis@myapps.muw.edu Date: 3/11/16, 7:37 AM
I read Man's Search for Meaning for a college class, but the book meant so much more to me. I would like to think it will profoundly affect my actions in the future, but only time will tell. In any case, I am glad to have run across the author, and will likely read many more of his works in the future.  
From: Sue MerrickE-Mail: crescentsue@yahoo.co.uk Date: 6/28/15, 4:14 PM
I have just finished reading 'Man's Search for Meaning' my son bought it for me for my birthday. I have learn't so much from the book and hope to be able to retain what I have learnt and live by it. I now have a thirst to learn more about Viktor Krankl and read more of his works. I wish I had discovered him years ago, but his book implied it's now more about what I shall do in the future than what I didn't do in the past. Thank you for giving me this chance to voice my feelings.  
From: Dr Danita ApplewhiteE-Mail: danitaapplewhite@whiteappleinstitute.org Date: 3/31/14, 11:30 AM
Thank you for carrying the torch that continues to shed light on Dr. Frankl's experiences and philosophy. I apply logotherapy in my practice and I am seeking current trends/applications. I can be contacted at www.whiteappleinstitute.org  
From: Ralph Schlieper-DamrichE-Mail: team@krisenpraxis.de Date: 1/5/14, 2:39 PM
Grüß Gott aus Augsburg,

die Trilogie ist fertig. Wir freuen uns sehr darüber, dass nach 'Wertecoaching', das bereits in der zweiten Auflage 2008 neu erschienen ist und das erstmalig einen unmittelbaren Transfer der Sinntheorie Viktor Frankls ins Management-Coaching geleistet hat, auch das zweite Buch 'Wertecoaching in Krisen' [2011] nun fast vergriffen ist. Es beleuchtet das sinnzentrierte Coaching in brisanten Lebenssituationen. Zum Abschluss der Trilogie ist nun mit 'Krisencoaching'[2014] ein Buch entstanden, das Frankls Perspektiven mit anderen theoretischen und praktischen Konzepten der Arbeit mit Krisenbetroffenen verknüpft. Eine Reihe positiver Rezensionen zeigt uns, dass wir für Berater, die im Krisenkontext aktiv sind, einen umfassenden und gründlichen Wissenstransfer geleistet haben. Zudem werden die Bücher flankiert durch unsere WertePraxis [2008-2013] und die neue KrisenPraxis [ab 2014], mit denen wir uns gerne für die Verbreitung des sinntheoretischen Gedankenguts Viktor Frankls eingesetzt haben und weiterhin einsetzen werden.

Mit einem herzlichen Gruss
Ralph Schlieper-Damrich
Management-Coach und Logotherapeut [VFI]  
From: MakotoE-Mail: s-makoto@mail2.dnet.gr.jp Date: 8/4/13, 12:22 AM
I am a student at Tokyo University in Japan and have written my thesis on Frankl's thought. I want to get more information about him. Feel free to contact me.  
From: blumenstockE-Mail: eurorastpark-satteldorf@web.de Date: 1/5/13, 3:23 PM
habe in zwei wunderschön verregneten Tagen sein buch ,trotzdem ja zum leben sagen.. gelesen .ich danke Ihnen HerrFrankl .es gibt bücher und es gibt Ihr Buch.  
From: WoobogE-Mail: rainbless@hanmail.net Date: 11/16/11, 9:20 AM
To date, I read about tens of Dr. Frankl's books. Surely I met the first book 'by accident'.

Now, I'm eager to know whether statue of responsibility in the coast of west of US he suggested is being under construction or not.  
From: ShastaE-Mail: stunks4@uwo.ca Date: 3/12/11, 10:46 PM
I read Man's Search for Meaning for my philosophy class this year in University and had to write an analysis of logotherapy and whether or not I agreed with it. Not only was it interesting to read about, it also gave me some guidance with my own life becuase Mr. Frankl shows that you have to find something meaningful in life to hold on to in order to get through the tough situations life throws at you. For this and many other things I learned from the book and from logotherapy, thank you.

From: Jose E-Mail: Date: 1/29/11, 8:24 PM
Thank's for continuing the legacy of Dr. Frankl,Man's Search for Meaning has helped in ways I can't even begin to describe.  
From: Dr. Maximilian OvcaricE-Mail: max.ovcaric@gmx.at Date: 11/17/10, 3:32 PM
It was a great pleasure for me,a well known hungarian psychologist, to viev the homepage of the Viktor Frankl Institut. Everybody who helped to put up the homepage has done a great job!

By the way it would be great if a member of the Viktor frankl Istitut could visit and tell our students about the logotherapy in detail at the university of Budapest

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Max Ovcaric  
From: ChetE-Mail: Date: 3/28/10, 7:50 PM
Today, I saw an interview of Viktor Frankl after a long time. I was introduced to Dr. Frankl’s theories in my final semester at Indiana University, Bloomington. The class was a Jewish studies class. I took an intense liking to logotherapy because of all the positivity it radiated. Little did I know then, that I would be seeing logotherapy in action in my own life shortly thereafter.
Five years back, on this day, I lay like a ship wreck on the rocks. Not knowing if the storm or the shore were better. My days were spent in consuming the heady cocktail of self pity, alcohol, smoking and laziness. There seemed to be no hope in life. The knife of betrayal had sliced my innards better than sushi.
With my self esteem in the bin, my self worth depreciating daily, and my self on the path of total destruction, I opened Dr. Frankl’s book. It gave me a simple message: soldier on. I did.
Five years from then, I have my own business which employs 50 people. I have a phenomenally loving wife and the most adorable daughter. I am in great shape physically. I also do considerable social work. I am currently studying to get into a top tier MBA program in the US.
As I look back, I see the semi-deranged, chain smoking, alcoholic, unemployed 25 year old reading Dr. Frankl’s book. I had a choice to go down the path of total self-destruction for the sake of unfaithful love, or to live on and to find true love. I chose the latter.
Thank you Dr. Frankl.
From: Leonardo C. FioriniE-Mail: fiorin@iz.sp.gov.br Date: 1/14/10, 6:06 PM
Congratulations for taking care of such a life's legacy. In the hopeless post-modern world devoid of an authentic human sense, in a chaos of the multitude of techniques and therapies available for one's well-being, Frankl's legacy reminds us the only thing that really really matters: the overwhelming value of human life in spite of the worst circumstances.  
From: Emily McClintockE-Mail: n/a Date: 9/29/09, 1:07 AM
WOOT! haha I'm doing my 10th grade research paper on Viktor Frankl and his impact on the world. thanks for the help everybody!  
From: Ralph Schlieper-DamrichE-Mail: team@wertepraxis.de Date: 4/30/09, 2:08 PM
Grüß Gott aus Augsburg,

wir freuen uns sehr darüber, dass die Erstauflage unseres Buches 'Wertecoaching' [lektoriert durch Dr. Otto Zsok], das einen Beitrag dafür leisten möchte, die Sinntheorie Viktor Frankls ins Management-Coaching zu übertragen, nun fast vergriffen ist. In vielen Gesprächen mit Führungskräften haben wir seither erfahren dürfen, wie gross das Interesse an Werten und Sinn im Kontext der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, der Krisenintervention, der Bildung usw. ist, wie sehr es aber auch noch der Anstrengung bedarf, die Person Viktor Frankl auf den Leitungs- und Entscheidungsebenen in Unternehmen bekannt zu machen. Wir setzen uns gerne weiterhin mit verschiedenen Projekten dafür ein.

Mit einem herzlichen Gruss
Ralph Schlieper-Damrich
Management-Coach und Logotherapeut  
From: Suzy EylerE-Mail: suzyeyler@verizon.net Date: 7/13/08, 11:57 PM
I'm taking a course this summer at Rutgers University in Camden called Spiritual Autobiography. I just finished reading Man's Search for Meaning, a book I read years ago. I'm eager for our class discussion tomorrow about Frankl's fascinating ideas, especially regarding the positive effect of positive attitude. Thank you for the many resources available at this site!  
From: Tim Daniel Ibrahim KytömäkiE-Mail: danfinntim@SearchMachine Date: 7/1/08, 3:26 PM
01.07.2008 Helsinki-FINNLAND+358-(0)46-6838482
Kunnalliskodintie 6 G 151 /FIN-00600
Hellou Everyone there at the Institute
I am today searching more information about logo-
therapy- I have allready read 2 (two) complete
books about the "heart item"-or what you could say
the essential/basic methods of it . It gets more enthusiaism-did i get it right -you know- like
searching meaning of Life - i will visit your pages,more in the future iI promise!thanks&bless`s  
From: Maria E. TellezE-Mail: maria.tellez@us.army.mil Date: 4/8/08, 1:46 AM
I'm studying the bible with the Army and we are currently asking each one participating why do we mourn.

I've come across Mr. Frankl's book once again and its been a help to me in giving an answer to the question why mourn.

From: lorraine byrneE-Mail: lorraine.byrne@irishbroadband.net Date: 4/3/08, 8:24 PM

I am a counselling student in Dublin, Ireland, studying at the National Institute of Counselling in Ireland, at the moment we are studying the subject of Logotherapy, and I would like to find out more about this subject, and the man who founded it Victor Frankyl  
From: Eva GroszE-Mail: grosze@zahav.net.il Date: 12/11/07, 6:31 PM
I read some of Viktor Frankl's books and I found that Frankl's work the Logotherapy is one of the most progresive and humanist way of thinking in 20th century.I wish to be in contact with You and to be aware of your search in this field. Eva Grosz Israel  
From: Harald MoriE-Mail: haraldmori@aon.at Date: 12/11/07, 12:38 AM
Thank you for the wonderful "Clips of the Month" !  
From: Pe. Tadeu Antonio LibardiE-Mail: tadeul@libero.it Date: 11/28/07, 5:58 AM
No congresso de Roma "Ri-cercatori di senso" tivemos a oportinidade de conhecer melhor a Logoterapia de Frankl. Agradeço a oportunidade e desejo muito sucesso no vosso trabalho.
Com estima e admiraçao,
Pe. Tadeu Antonio  
From: CynthiaE-Mail: cshaw.stu@okcu.edu Date: 11/25/07, 6:15 AM
I purchased "Man's Search for Meaning" as an audiobook some years ago and listened to it several times then. Now I am in post-grad studies at OCU for my Master's in Nursing, Education track, and it was required reading for my Masterpieces in Literature class. It is still very painful reading at times, but ultimately very motivating.  
From: Kelly J. AceE-Mail: Date: 11/1/07, 3:42 AM
I am teaching Theories of Personality at Delaware County Community College in Media, PA, USA. I've read Man's Search For Meaning more than once -- and encouraged my class read it. I visited the site to learn more about Frankl and to share the videos with my class.  
From: AndresE-Mail: Date: 10/23/07, 5:24 AM
Hi i'm an engineering student from chile with no knowledge in psychology who recently just read "Man's search for meaning" by Viktor Frankl and was fascinated by the book. I have always been curious in finding some lectures about the other side of the holocaust the nazi side. I want to know how a "normal" german could do all the atrocities to humans viktor Frankl mentions in his book and from where did he took all the hate he had and continue living like if nothing had happen. My question is if you can recommend me some light like Krankl "Man's search for meaning" bibliography about this theme giving an existential focus.
my email es andabek@hotmail.com  
From: alcockcedE-Mail: cawasyday@lipetsk.in Date: 10/7/07, 3:40 AM
good site :) Whish you good luck!  
From: Franisz A. S. GintingE-Mail: fasginting@yahoo.co.uk Date: 6/14/07, 8:01 AM
Hi all.
I'm Franisz from Indonesia (South East Asia), nice to know you all.
Atually, I wanted to ask is there any of you who would help me to have the "Man's Search For Meaning"?
I've been searching for the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) edition, but no result. I wanted to know about that book.
I would be glad to hearing from you. Thank you for your attention.
From: BorisE-Mail: Date: 5/31/07, 6:51 PM
I forgot my email to suggestions in my project.

Es mi correo para recibir sugerencias. Gracias.
Boris Vásquez  
From: BorisE-Mail: Date: 5/31/07, 6:49 PM
Queridos amigos:
Les escribo desde Lima, Perú para saludar a todos quienes formamos parte de la gran familia frankeliana y podemos compartir el legado de nuestro querido Viktor.Además, quienes comprendemos el sentido de la autorrealización humana desde el sentido y la decisión libre de ser responsable incluyendo sus valores y sus acciones concretas debemos unirnos para evitar que la sociedad siga planteando los derroteros del éxito y el bienestar humano desde consideraciones temporales que sesgan la aspiración humana. Deseo intercambiar ideas para realizar la celebración de los 10 años de la muerte de nuestro padre en Lima y en un futuro organizar una Sociedad Formal y dinámica.Tal vez, conferencias con amigos de México o Argentina podría ser un buen inicio. Espero sugerencias. Siempre a su servicio.
Boris Vásquez Carbonell
CAMBIA,Consultores del Éxito

Dear friends:
I write from Lima, Perú and wish you everybody are in the same way to live and share the Frankls legacy nowadays. The world and the companies believe in a special sense of human development that is not correct. We need to join forces to communicate senses and values trully human.Im trying to celebrate 10 anniverssary of our father Viktor in Lima,Peru. Could be conferences on weekeend in order to create (in a future) an official Frankl association.All ideas are well accept.
Boris Vásquez, CAMBIA, Consultores del Exito.

From: missyE-Mail: Date: 4/8/07, 7:49 PM
the page looks so great!! I'm on my first year of psychology and I chose read one of the Frankl's books, the man searching meaning... it's so good, I like it so much!! and this page helped me with the essay  
From: morganusvitusE-Mail: morganusvitus@web.de Date: 4/5/07, 1:09 PM
The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)  
From: Fritz ZawadilE-Mail: frederico@chello.at Date: 3/25/07, 10:03 PM
habe heute Abend eine Kerze zu Viktors Geburtstag angezündet  
From: AliciaE-Mail: Date: 3/2/07, 4:15 AM
I am in my final year of an undergraduate degree in psychology in a Canadian University and have been given the chance to take on the role of Dr. Frankl in a debate for one of my courses.
I must say he was a wonderfully interesting man and I have very much enjoyed learning about his life and theories.
Thank you for having such an informative site, it has made my work much more pleasant!  
From: VicaE-Mail: d_vicuska@vipmail.hu Date: 12/1/06, 2:13 AM
Volt szerencsém Frankl egyik "tanítváníának" (Schaffhauser Franz) elõadásait hallgatni magáról Frnaklról és a logoterápiáról. Sokat köszönhetek Neki!
Vica Magyarországról)

(Hi all! I am glad, because i know a person (Shaffhauser Franz) who is a "student" of Frankl. He gave a lecture on logotheraphy and Frankl. It helped me very much! Thanks for him!
Vica from Hungary)

'He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.' =)  
From: gary grometE-Mail: garygromet@earthlink.net Date: 11/30/06, 10:49 PM
The IT magazine Infoworld pointed out Man's Search For Meaning as one of the best books ever written. Somehow in 1965, the University of Pittsburgh's course in existentialism missed Frankl totally.  
From: BevE-Mail: bevmueller@cox.net Date: 11/27/06, 5:06 PM
I am a graduate student of counseling and credit Dr. Frankl for the base of my own theoretical approach to therapy. What an inspriration to learn from the works of the master, one who not only teaches and theorizes, but lives it - in the most extreem of circumstances!  
From: David HoldenE-Mail: darloclaret@yahoo.co.uk Date: 10/24/06, 10:19 PM
His canon of work continues to be a leading light of our communal experience  
From: George CopelandE-Mail: gcopelan@fau.edu Date: 8/4/06, 4:42 AM
Revisiting Dr. Frankl after 30 years to write a term paper for graduate nursing research. I'm finding that I didn't understand at all what this man was saying 30 years ago. For the noos concept, I recommend: Chambers, O. (1963).My utmost for His highest: The classic edition. Uhrichsville,OH: Barbour Publishing, Inc.  
From: brian middletonE-Mail: blas@80middleton.fsnet.co.uk Date: 5/19/06, 9:42 PM
Simple, yet so profound. Man's Search for Meaning is a gem waiting to be unearthed by millions of people who struggle with the conflicts of existence. I saw a piece on Frankl in my wife's magazine, ordered the book from the library, have just ordered a copy from Amazon, to re-read and fully digest the enormity of it all and would like to know how one could study Logotherapy as their doesn't seem to be a centre in England. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would just like to recommend the only other book that has ever hit me with such force and that is "Blessings" by Mary Craig (ISBN 0 340 248521).  
From: Dominik S.E-Mail: info@self-transcendence.eu Date: 4/13/06, 12:39 AM
Great site, lots of information. I'm a student of logotherapy from Germany

I created an new homepage (http://www.self-transcendence.eu) as I felt a lack of opportunities for discussion on logotherapy via the internet.
This site is not to be a pure scientific or academic site. Everybody who is interested in logotherapy is invited. Kim  
From: Dr.Guillermo Pareja Herrera,Chihuahua.Mexico.E-Mail: gpareja@infosel.net.mx Date: 3/18/06, 9:40 PM
A great Home page for a great real human being
A great Institute to honor the Logotherapy and Existential Analysis as a helpful and compassionate resources for the humankind of XXIst century.
Gongratulations from my deep heart.  
From: James F. WhittenbergE-Mail: jwhtnbrg@yahoo.com Date: 2/25/06, 4:52 PM
I am a counselor in training in the graduate program at The University of Texas at Brownsville in the United States. Dr. Frankl's work was revolutionary and I plan to adopt many of his approaches and techniques.  
From: ~ Nora ~E-Mail: Date: 2/11/06, 5:43 PM
Ich stehe kurz vor meiner Matura und stecke mitten in den Vorbereitungen dafür.

Ich werde mündlich in dem Gegenstand "Psychologie & Philosophie" antreten und habe als mein Spezialgebiets-Thema Viktor Frankl gewählt, da mich der kurze Überblick seines Lebens und seiner Werke, den ich im Unterreicht bekommen habe, sehr beeindruckt hat.

Ich habe eben das Buch "Ärztliche Seelsorge" fertig gelesen und bin begeistert.

Ich bin dann auch auf diese Seite hier gestoßen und möchte mich für die vielen nützlichen undinteressanten Fakten bedanken.

>> Liebe ist kein "Verdienst", sondern Gnade <<  
From: deric lohE-Mail: dericloh@hotmail.com Date: 1/18/06, 7:04 PM
I came about to Dr.Frankl's book, Man's Search for Meaning while i was browsing through some of the books. This book really makes me wants to find out more about the meaning of one's life.  
From: BrandonE-Mail: modernfilms@gmail.com Date: 1/12/06, 8:43 PM
I was introduced to Frankl's book, Man's Search for Meaning, by my therapist after I was diagnosed with Depersonalization/Derealization disorder. The techniques that resided in the book were very helpful and were key to my recovery.  
From: John CaldwellE-Mail: why36knot@bellsouth.net Date: 1/7/06, 5:26 PM
I was introduced to Dr. Frankl's book;Man's Search For Meaning about 20 years ago...by accident. I was so affected by it's messages that I bought 25 copies and passed them out to family members, friends and customers. I did this several times over the course of these past years and I feel like every one of them was helpful to the reader to varying degrees. I have met people where ever I go who proclaim the book as a turning point in their thinking if not in their lives. I only wish that I had discovered the little book much earlier in life.  
From: Carla BaldaufE-Mail: budd4@msn.com Date: 1/5/06, 1:52 AM
Just wanted to add what an honor it is form one of my studies to be sited by Frankl in his book Spirituality and Aging. I was wondering if it is possible to get an autographed copy of it. Please let me know.  

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